Back In Time

Slot Machine Back in Time

If you liked the Flintstones and Tic-Tac-Toe slots, you’ll enjoy spinning with Back in Time, another nice classic slot from BetSoft. With 3 reels and 8 paylines, this simple and fun game will immerse you. The game features colorful and highly complex graphics, played by cute dinosaur characters. This game is compatible with Mac / Windows and Linux operating systems for computers / laptops and does not require a download.


Back in Time is set in the age of dinosaurs on a sandy beach with palm trees that support the 3 cylinders built with logs and wooden ropes, creating a system of pulleys that keep the rotating stones in place. The layout creates a simple to use and easy to play format, with the coin bet amount easy to change, as well as the line bets you choose to bet on. Each bet level is 8 points, up to forty. Therefore, the higher your bet, the greater the chances of a bigger payout and the wild symbol will be available to shake things up from time to time. The symbols in this game include growing dinomites, red stone age sevens, dinosaur eggs and stones. All of these symbols come with decent payouts, and the amount you receive depends on your bet.

Back in Time Slot Machine
Back in Time has some special features that give the player the opportunity to maximize their bets. The most prominent feature of Back in Time is the Hold The Reels feature. During the game, you can hold a symbol on a reel and rotate the others again. You can select one or more symbols by clicking on the icon you want to keep. The new round costs nothing, so you get two rounds for the price of one in this game. This feature is popular because it gives the player a little more control over the outcome of their rounds.


The bonus round on the second screen is achieved by collecting 3 stones, accumulated over several rounds by the appearance of rock icons in any round. When the bonus round is reached, you will have the opportunity to choose 3 reels where you want to throw the stones. If the 3 reels match, you will receive bonus credits added to your current winnings.

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