This is an innovative and unique slot game. The strange name is a combination of energy; there are many electrical sparks around, and ‘goonz’, which are small Pokémon-like creatures. Instead of reels and win lines, this slot has a 5×5 grid. You need to get more than 3 symbols in a row to win. When you reach a winning combination, the symbols disappear, with the rest falling into place. You get 1000 coins for clearing the entire grid and clearing a column with the word ‘bonus’ triggers a feature game. This slot is a lot of fun and certainly stands out compared to many other slots at the moment.
Animations are the best part of this game. The Goonz are alien in appearance, with orange, green and dark versions. Everyone gave insect eyes and smiles and pulled expressions at each other. There is a different set of creatures during the bonus round. To the left of the creatures there is a multiplier box, their victories are shown here, with each new victory after the symbols disappear, increasing the multiplier by 1x. On the right is the power generator, which comes into play during the bonus feature. The music is cheerful, although nothing special. There are zapping noises and small explosions to keep you entertained.
I liked the bonus game, which is different enough from the main game in this slot to keep you involved.


Energoonz setup and playback

Without winning lines in the traditional sense, you just need to decide how much you want to spend per round to play. There are 5 options, 20c, $ 1, $ 2, $ 10 or $ 40. You can manually rotate or use the automatic rotation option for up to 50 games.
The paytable does not tell the whole story of this game. The wins seem low, although you keep in mind that you often receive 3 to 4 of them per round and that they will be multiplied. For example, the 3rd win in a particular round will be worth 3x what is on the table. The dark goonz creature with blue eyes is the main regular symbol, it is worth 25 times its spin by 5 and 2.5x by 4. The other creatures are worth 15x with the symbol of rays, flames and atoms coming next for the smaller victories.
Plasma balls are the special symbol here, they replace all other symbols (without exception, as they exist in many other games) and pay 500x your bet for 5 in a row. Add to that 1000x to clear the entire grid and you will see that the wins in this game can increase quickly.

Energoonz bonus feature

There is a unique way to activate this bonus round. You need to clear an entire column when the word “Bonus” is written below. These columns are randomly assigned at the beginning of each round – sometimes alone and sometimes 2 or 3 at a time.
When you clean one, you are taken to a new grid, which is filled with different Goonz. They start in sleep (or maybe they haven’t been created yet). When you get multiple instances of them on the network, electricity comes from the machine on the right and activates them. They are colored and you receive the appropriate prize. These are much bigger prizes than in the main game, with payouts for up to 10 of each of the 10 different types of creatures. The maximum payout is 175x your rotation value for 10 of the 3 beige eyes.
You start with 10 rounds, although 5 or more of the electric machine symbols trigger a second round of resources – with a maximum of 20 rounds. This is a fun feature and has the potential for you to rack up big wins.

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