Revolution Slots

Spin the reels and start a revolution with this bold new slot machine from the Boom Games software. With 4 reels and 16 paylines, this game is sure to shake things up when it comes to gameplay. And that overlooks the fact that the video slot offers the chance to play with free spins, wild wins and a unique spin feature.
But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this game is its narrative, which imagines an alternative future in which monkeys take over the world!


Starting a revolution

They say that humans evolved from monkeys (and if you need any proof, just look at Wayne Rooney), but by the looks of this slot machine, monkeys are about to take revenge on their genetic superiors. This is because Revolution by Booming Games tells the story of a gang of super apes, who appear to be highly trained in the art of causing confusion. This revolutionary group of primates consists of two chimpanzees and the big boss – a silver gorilla – and by the bright eyes and the amount of symbols that describe various chemicals and laboratory flasks, these killer monkeys were not born by chance!
It also appears that these dangerously cheeky monkeys are targeting world domination with another icon that shows what resembles the White House. In the meantime, is there another character shown as a hostage – the President of the United States, perhaps?

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